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16 October 2014
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Jam buried alive


Meet the message board...

Name: Jam2
Age: 25
Job: Project Coordinator of an Integrated Youth Circus
Years Surfing: 4
Habitat: Langland
Boards: 3 alternative quiver
Quiver: Manta Elite 'Eppo Air' 42inch sponge of doom, Hot Buttered 'TRS Vee' 44 inch beast! Hand made 4ft skateboard.
Local Break: Langland
Places Surfed: Most Gower breaks, Aberystwyth and a few lesser known breaks around there, Boadhaven, Fresh, Manobier, Whitsands, Fistral, France - from Brittany to Biarritz, SW Portugal.
Favourite Surf Films: The Circus, Bare Foot Adventure, Dog Town and Z-boys
Worst Wipeout: Langland - After charging big Sandbar for a while decided to call it a day, started to head back when a sneaker set rolled in and doubled up right on my head! Got sucked down, and down, and down.... it's cold down there. Eventually bobbed up, lungs burning, and hauled my board in. But all I got was my leash, no board and another sat wave that took me even deeper down, not a nice feeling! Much flapping about later I found myself back on land, exhausted, freaked and gutted. Found my board half an hour later on the rock with a big crease and lots of scars from its beating. Yet it lives on (but only for heaving shorebreaks)!

Hossegor - Perfect 6ft waves - as I made my way past the shorebreak, a beginner sponger took off right in front of me. Had just enough time to dive down before we got too intimate but not soon enough to avoid him wiping out and getting his leash tangled with mine and then repeatedly using my head as a step ladder! I was not a happy bunny, but couldn't do anything except get out of the water and cough up most of the Atlantic and sit there seething. Still, I got to watch my girlfriend charge some classic waves. Langland as seen by a bird
Favourite Manoeuvre: Drop knee, slotting into every barrel going, getting air.
Worst Surfing Habit: Leaving the only set of keys for my girlfriend's campervan in the pocket of my boardies as I surfed a big French shorebreak. 3yrs on and she still doesn't trust me with her new set!
Best Surfing Experience: My first perfect tube. Biscarosse 2002, 4ft and glassy, hooped and hollered my way through a perfect barrel, and then got another one on the same wave. Couldn't believe my luck!
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Surfing 5ft waves in fog so thick you could hardly make out the person sitting 4ft away from you. Let alone know which way to paddle after a wipeout!
Other Interests: Too many! Making and riding longboard skateboards, juggling and lots of other circus skills, fire performing, kites, 5 a-side football, Amy, big trousers, daft hair, photography, checking the surf from my balcony, Stella, cats and conservation.

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