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16 October 2014
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Name: Paul Smale
Age: 27yrs
Job: Manufacturing Industry
Years Surfing: Seriously, 1 and half, used to mess around as a tyke back home, should've taken advantage back then!!
Habitat: Cardiff & South Cornwall
Boards: 2 quiver
Quiver: 7'5 Escape Mini Mal solid fella for nice easy ride and a three and half month old 6'9" Lost board (nice progression)..
Local Break: Would be Rest and Coney but when home local break would be whitesands south east Cornwall or up to Noth Cornwall.
Places Surfed: UK Mainly North Devon, Cornwall love Padstow area (or Pad-Stein as it is now know and now investigating the great breaks Wales has to offer. Spent a little time in Oz too.
Favourite Surf Films: Endless summers, Big Wednesday oh and Blue Juice cause it reminds me of Home (a bit) Coney sunset
Worst Wipeout: ould have to be Widmouth on a big pant dirtying day, thought I would never enter the water again..... until I rounded the coast and saw the sweet breaks of Sandy mouth.
Favourite Manoeuvre: I would love to get some big air one day, for now I'm happy riding the face and working on a few carves.
Worst Surfing Habit: Saving myself for the 'next big and better wave' which never comes and end up leaving everything.. Getting so focused that I forget to say Hi to guys around me.. sorry =:0 bungeeeeee!
Best Surfing Experience: Watergate, not too long ago, had bad experience the day before with big rip and competitive line up then hit an 8pm dusk surf in the middle of the summer with my new board during a bit of a surfing trip, wasn't the biggest of surfs but..... what a night. =;)
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Nothing too weird as yet. Sleeping in the back of my Focus for 2 weeks during a rather uncomfortable surfing trip - must get a van.. Knee is still giving me jip 3 months on!
Other Interests: Between surf and work there aint much time, play guitar, footie and anything that keeps me in shape for surfing.
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