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16 October 2014
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Name: Greg
Age: 27
Job: Legal Clerk, Swansea
Years Surfing: Since winter '03
Habitat: Swansea/Brynmill
Boards: 1 left in tact. 6' 0" SDF - twinnie fish. flop & board
Quiver: 6'10" 'JP' Thruster (now in another mates quiver), 6'5" Full and Cas (deceased, Nov 06 in Aberavon) 6'0" fish, glassed twinnie (fatter than ur average bear, but flies)
Local Break: Anywhere from aber to porthcawl to the gower.
Places Surfed: Gower, PorthCawl, Bude, Newquay, Hossegor, Biarritz.
Favourite Surf Films: Any of the Lost vids, Odyssey was kinda jaw dropping.
Worst Wipeout: Aberavon, without doubt. A dawnie, March 2004 I think. Got caught towards the rocks on a high tide. Took one on the head, but my stomach decided my pre surf coffee needed to escape whilst under water.

Yacked, surfaced...just in time to stop a fast moving wall of rocks with my back and the nose of my board...looked up to see a walker texas ranger crippled with laughter on the rocks above.

Cheers mate! Aber been many a downfall for me, recently lost my 6'5" to the rocks, leash went, board snapped, end of.
Favourite Manoeuvre: Not damaging boards at Aberavon!
Favourite Surfer: Not a big fan of the pro scene but Flores is a ripper...Next slater in the making.
Worst Surfing Habit: Singing lame ass songs in the line up, getting dropped in on by loggers!!!, not taking anything seriously, even when rocks imminent. waves
Best Surfing Experience: August bank hols-2005, 6 of the most chilled out sessions known to man (or to me anyhoo).

One of the only times longboarding has been proper fun. Good rides, good times. Christmas 06 was also pretty awesome, 5 days of 3 peaks glass with mates.
Weirdest Surfing Experience: When ever I borrow a mate's board, something always goes wrong. If I then buy said board/s, never even the slightest ding! Moral, don't lend me a board!
Other Interests: Snowboarding, guitar, music, gigs, films, rugby, the odd poker night, just generally wasting away, dreaming of buying a van and fecking off forever!

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