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16 October 2014
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This is what I look like wet!

Dave Colley

Meet the message board...

Name: Dave Colley
Age: 32yrs
Job: IT tech support
Years Surfing: 12yrs on and off.
Habitat: Penarth
Boards: 1
Quiver: WaveRebel - XXXL didn't you guess?
Local Break: Rest Bay
Places Surfed: Newquay, Porthcawl to Newgale, Gran Canaria - Nudie Beach.
Favourite Surf Films: North Shore lol but seriously Big Wednesday.
bring me sunshine!Worst Wipeout: When I was surf skiing at Coney 11 years ago and got too close to the harbour wall. A wave bounced back and doubled up and I ended up looking down the length of the board in about 2 foot of water. The nose dug into the sand I did a tidy little 90 degree flip and got dragged to shore upside down and backwards. I ended up with whiplash, sold the board a week after and I didn't go in the water again for 2 years.
Favourite Manoeuvre: I did my first real barrel role on Sunday 14th September 2003 so I'd say that.
This is what I look like drunk!
Worst Surfing Habit: Tripping over my fins on the way into the water!
Best Surfing Experience: Did I tell you I did my first real barrel role on Sunday 14th September 2003?!
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Surfing a brownout lunar eclipse and watching the seagulls bombing the waves as they were breaking.
Other Interests: Beer, The Simpsons - homer is GOD, beer, films, beer oh and donuts!
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