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16 October 2014
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Coity Carver

Name: Matthew
Age: 24
Job: Waste Advisor (environment-based)
Years Surfing: about 1
Habitat: Bridgend
Boards: 2
Quiver: A slightly tatty 6'8'' Zuma Jay custom pintail with dodgy stripes down the sides. And a beautiful yellow 7'4'' Roger Cooper MiniMal with a bonzer fin system; kinda one-off
Local Break: Southerndown
Places Surfed: Wales really, but looking to go further afield
Favourite Surf Films: Haven't seen many - free Rip Curl one I have and Point Break and Blue Crush are ok for the surfing bits.
Worst Wipeout: Catching some 6'+ beast at Rest. But it was a right and I'm goofy and it didn't work. I just went flying, battered and was held down for about 30 seconds.
Favourite Manoeuvre: Just dropping down the wave and going along it does at the moment!
Favourite Surfers: Dave who I used to work with as he introduced me to it!
Worst Surfing Habit: Being too courteous and leaving waves others then fail to catch
Best Surfing Experience: Newgale - the first time I properly went down a decent face and stayed on.
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Dawn surfing at Rest - managed to stay in for 4 hours and started getting a floaty-queesy feeling.
Other Interests: Climbing. Then cooking, films and doing up my house/garden with any other time I have left.
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