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16 October 2014
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Meet the messageboard...

Name: Dan Evans
Age: 20yrs
Job: Surf Bum
Years Surfing: 12yrs (9 yrs bodyboarding)
Habitat: Caswell
Boards: 2
Quiver: Al Merrick Flyer (6'1") Rip Curl Zaka (6'0)
Local Break: Caswell. People will often say that Caswell is Langland's lesser break. I love Caswell's power, Langland's just a reform.
Places Surfed: All of France (even med coast) Northern Spain (Mundaka and Bakio), Portugal (Supertubos) North Devon (Love Croyde) and of course Cornwall. In Wales I love the Mewslade and Horton barrels!
Favourite Surf Films: The Outsiders is awesome!!! (CJ and Damien Hobgood and Matt Beacham are sick!) Also love the Drive Thru videos for Rob Machado and Donavon Frankenreiter smooth style...they're incredible.
Worst Wipeout: Hossegor, January 2004...was about 10ft (triple overhead). Caught a wave came off the back to get the rest of the set on my head. First wave had me breathless came up to find another wave on my head. The next thing I remember was coming round being washed up on the shore, spewing up water!
Dan on a large one
Favourite Manoeuvre: Smacking the lip as hard I can and off course the barrel. I'm a barrel monster!
Worst Surfing Habit: Pulling out of a wave and getting sucked over the falls anyway.
Best Surfing Experience: Surfing with CJ and Damien Hobgood and Pat O'Connell in Hossegor during the Christian Surfers International Conference.
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Seeing a boat explode out at sea in Caswell - freaked me out to see a mushroom cloud of flames burst into the air then see the sea catch fire. Also saw two water funnels while surfing Caswell (tornado's in the sea)
Other Interests: Music, football, chillin'
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