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16 October 2014
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Age: You should never ask a lady. Oh, go on then...a mature 39+1
Job: Well, I turn up to an IT company most days and they do seem to pay me for something. Nice flexi scheme for dawnies, lunchtime & arvo surfs.
Years Surfing: Dabbling since 2003 but sometimes it feels like only yesterday.
Habitat: Porthcawl
Boards: 2
Boards: 4 Quiver: Lola, the 10' Bic Noserider, my favourite bar coded Roger Cooper 9'2 Surf Mojo, a fat Escape 7'6 carpet and a new Saltrock 5'11 fish, cause I was feeling left out of the 'in' crowd.
Local Break: The borough of da conehouse - kooksville central.
Places Surfed: S.Wales, N.Cornwall. rest bay pics by nick
Favourite Surf Films: Lost II for fun, Step Into Liquid for the feel good factor, Zen & Zero for travel stoke, and the upcoming Welsh Surfing Odyssey for sheer motivation. Anything free and easy usually keeps me entertained.
Worst Wipeout: A never to be forgotten near death experience at a well known X spot, winter 2005.
Favourite Manoeuvre: Big bottom turns on my 9'2. One foot summer hoovering on my noserider.
Worst Surfing Habit: Wussing out of anything half decent. Getting up early. Best Surfing Experience: Any clean day on the open face. A particular magazine quality setup last summer, with only 2 of us out.
rest bay pics by nick
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Making the bore, then not making the bore.
Other Interests: DivX, medicated mind tricks, spending quality time with the family (when it's dark, or flat) and coaxing my VW combi to life each morning. Maybe some video and writing in the future. Did I mention my new website?
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