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16 October 2014
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Meet the message board...

Name: Alun Williams
Age: A juvenile 32.
Job: Geologist, now working in Norway
Years Surfing: 4
Habitat: Norway
Boards: 1
Quiver: 7'4" Mad Dog mini-mal.
Local Break: My local break is actually the Severn Bore but I can be found most weekends at Llangennith or Rhossili.Surf Camp
Places Surfed: Wales & Oz.
Favourite Surf Films: Ummm, don't really have one. I've watched some great films, including one from Maverick's that stands out but I've got no idea what they were called.
Worst Wipeout: Nothing too scary's happened to me really. I've been pushed to the bottom a few times but it's usually over pretty quickly. I copped some bloke's board to the back of my head at Bondi once that needed a few stitches (see pic).A stitch in time
Favourite Manoeuvre: The face-plant.
Worst Surfing Habit: Being generally rubbish.
Best Surfing Experience: Surfing with dolphins atTreachery, NSW. I had to pull back from several waves because there were too many dolphins in them.
Weirdest Surfing Experience: Having a seal pop up about three feet in front of my board at Llangennith. I nearly crapped myself, and shrieked like a girl. Bizarrely, I thought it was a zombie. The seal disappeared with a big splash when I screamed, leaving a fishy smell that suggested he was equally surprised.
Other Interests: Climbing (though I've done very little of that in the past two years), mountain biking(ditto), watching rugby (often more of a pain than a pleasure nowadays).
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