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16 October 2014
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Oscar in wetsuit - Owain

Wetsuit Care

It keeps you warm throughout the winter months. Learn to look after your wetsuit. The message board answer an FAQ.

Jammy Bevan: "Is there a way in which you can dry your wetsuit quickly, without damaging it?"

danmog: I leave mine on for the drive home and whack the heater on - lovely and dry by the time you get home.

Mark: Stick it in the tumble dryer mate. Always handy in an emergency and aint seen no (more than normal - on the line in the sun) extra deterioration than normal.

karl: Pray that there is sell every day and don't worry about drying it.

Kiran: You can put them in a washing machine as long as you only use it to spin them out. It's no worse that taking a tumble in the water. Don't put any detergent in. Also, turn the suit inside out when its drying, that way the bit closest to your body is going to be dryer first.

Simon: I usually put my suit on for a 'delicate' wash, with a bit of detergent, doesn't seem to do it any harm. Make sure you do up any velcro fasteners, otherwise they stick to the wrong bits of suit and damage the material.

Crystal Voyager: I dry mine out fairly fast by useing a fan and a de-humidifier, the fan aids eveporation and the de-humidifier takes the excess moisture out of the air so that the water from the wettie has a drier enironment to evaporate too.

Probably not the best idea to use heat to dry out anything made of rubber as heat and light make it deteriorate faster and as you guys live in a colder climate than me you really need them.

I got round this problem by having more than one wettie, that way I never have to put on a cold damp one even if I am having a dawnie on the west coast then off for an arvo session on the east coast. One of the blessings of living in Auckland, close to both coastlines.

gull: I've hammered in a few nails at key places in the house for hanging up my wettie. If I need a quick dry as in overnight then the bathroom is as good a place as any - hang it up in the shower and it'll drip dry nicely and take the edge of it 1st thing in the morning.

If you have a boiler, even better, hang it up near that with something to catch the drips underneath. I normally hang mine up in the shed or outside if I know it's going to be dry. I've tumble dried my thermal rashie before but wouldn't do my suit unless it was on a cold heat as it can mess up the glue in your seams.

Another good one is to stick your rashie on the floor of the car (front passenger side!) and put your heating on full - then you won't have to have a cold wetsuit going straight onto skin.

Teflon Tim: Put it through a mangle if you can find one. Oh yes it's a proper job.

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