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16 October 2014
Wales Surfing

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Ceri @ Boilers - dave


Mart, Antje, French Dave & Ceri team up to honk horns in Maroc...

Wave du jour

Driving out along the coast you pass a variety of breaks near the Saudi Royals digs in Agadir. It's not bad, modest yet functional and about the size of a small town.

We used this stretch of the coastline as our swell indicator and by the second day, could already see plenty of swell lines with barrelling rights and offshore winds. Banana beach, Devil's Rock, Panoramas and onto Hash and Anka Point with plenty of other lesser known spots on offer too. We headed north and searched out spots further afield, past Tamri.

Ceri spots a rock'Tamri' looked a good 6ft+ and heavy - a big close out beach break so we decided to stop short of Pointe d'Emmesouane and ventured back to Boilers for our first beating.

Boilers became a firm favourite with us mainly due to it's consistency and empty lineup's. We pretty much surfed here daily with the same crew. The vibe was always good with guys from the US, France and UK all enjoying the waves.

A guy from New York seemed to have the place wired and took off later and deeper than anyone, frequently going too far inside and onto the rocks but getting his fair share of the long, winding rights.

As we arrived, we were just in time to watch a surfer from London, mistime the rock scramble and then get unceremoniously washed up and then down a rock ledge. Amazingly his board was undamaged.

mart at boilers - daveThere was also an US/Israeli guy - 'Adrian' who'd only been surfing for a few years paying his dues and getting a few nice waves along the way. Fair play to him, I wouldn't have surfed there, on my backhand, with only a few years of surfing under my belt.

The following morning we went back for more and had it to ourselves - sunshine, windless, glassy 2-3ft surf breaking onto dry rock.

A lot of kicking out was required and we took turns at taking photos on the inside with our fins scraping rock as the tide surged in and out. Ceri had some nice drops and Dangerous Dave even managed to snag a few cover ups.

Dave pre-barrelI took best wipeout much to Dave's amusement, taking off on what appeared to be a nice wave only to find it sucking up onto a large, dry rock beneath me. This resulted in me launching skywards, and quickly adopting the starfish pose (flat as possible) re-surfacing unscathed although I'm not sure how.

I called it a day after that and paddled in, figuring I'd pushed my luck far enough. Unluckily for me a set came in and washed me up onto the rocks just as I was getting out, and I lost two fin plugs - side and rear, plus a fin in the process. I wasn't impressed as it was my one and only board for this trip.

my damaged stickWe eventually found a guy who could repair it in Tarhazout for about £25 which seemed like a bargain - I just hoped he wouldn't use brown resin.

Another local guy running one the surf shops sorted me out with a nice 'Mad Dog' 6''7" thruster, which did the job for a few days and we hired a board for Antje a few quid for 3 days. It's takes a while to adjust to how cheap it is to live over there.


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