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16 October 2014
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Glass Love

Glass Love
"In the film I wanted to feature the generational link and love of surfing that gets passed down through families, in particular through the Curren and Purchase families. The sons are surfers and their fathers are surfer/shapers. It was nice to peek in on a small part of their relationships and how surfing makes them special. This, and the continued experimentation with board design were the highlights for me in making this film."
Andrew Kidman

Many of you will remember an amazing film called 'Litmus' a few years back, a movie that made alot of us UK surfers sit up and hop on the first ferry over to Ireland! Well it's been a while but Andrew Kidman is back with his brand new film 'Glass Love'. Like 'Litmus' before it, the movie covers a variety of surfboards ranging from retro 'Fish' shapes to Derek Hynd's 11ft+ Longboards!

For anyone out there interested in riding different equipment and into their soul flicks then this film has it in abundance! Besides the array of boards we're also introduced to legends, both past and present. The film features the Currens - dad Pat a legendary shaper/surfer in his own right and Tom and his lesser known brother Joe. Pat who traditionally only shapes in wood makes the boys a replica of his Waimea board and another in fibreglass and it's great to see the different styles and sibling rivarly of the brothers.

Skip Frye knocks out a classic Fish with far too much ease and guys like Neil Purchase Jnr - one of the best backhand tube riders on the planet tucking into a few on the Gold coats and experimenting with various 'Fish and fin set ups under his dads watchful eye. I remember Neil being a corporate cover boy for 'Billabong' years ago who vanished from the commercial scene overnight so it's good to know he's still out there charging.

Another blast from the past is Shane Herring from Dee Why. Shane in the mid 90's was a serious WCT contender and one of the few guys to beat Slater on home turf who like NP jacked it all in and virtually dissapeared. This is the first surf film I've seen him in for a long, long time but he's still shredding the waves to pieces along with guys like Garth Dickenson and artist/surfer Ozzie Wright.

The film and music are lovingly merged and AK has obviously spent many pain staking hours in the editing sweet perfecting the soft focusing and art house genre and the end result is one of my favourite films from 2004. It's definitely a movie with soul starring a variety of surfers, styles and boards from Australia to the Outer Hebrides.


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