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16 October 2014
Wales Surfing

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Top Tips

Surfing knowledge from our message board sages...

%3Cli%3E Checking our daily surf report @ 9am - mart
%3Cli%3E Next time its small... hoot like an owl, slap the water 3 times and dive into the 3rd water ripple. This summons wave god Huey and a decent set usually follows - Rattz
%3Cli%3E If there's a low below 990 in mid atlantic waves will hit wales 2-3 days later. Lows 980 and below will produce a nice powerfull swell - Surf Guru
%3Cli%3ETo avoid shark bites in Australia -don't pee in your wetsuit or stroke the family pooch before surfing. Smear your wetty in mild shampoo as they don't like the smell - Duck
%3Cli%3EDon't leave your board lying around in the sun as this will cause it to discolour and lose it's shape as the foam warps.
%3Cli%3EDon't surf at sunrise or sunset in sharky countries as you'll get chomped!
%3Cli%3E Learn to duckdive properly. If you can't, don't chuck your board away as it'll probably hit someone paddling behind you. Hang on to it or hold the end of your leash near the board to stop it being washed away from you - Bruised
%3Cli%3EIf your travelling in a different part of the country/world buy a local car sticker. This prevents morons from vandalising your car if you're not a local - Ban joe
%3Cli%3E Don't be a sheep - if you turn up at the beach and there's a peak with people already surfing it, walk a bit further and find an empty one.
%3Cli%3E Never hang you wetsuit in direct sunlight as it helps rot it and makes the neoprene harden which will crack and give you wetsuit rub in intimate areas - Gul
%3Cli%3E Don't put your wetsuit into tumble dryers on hot, they shrink! - Duster
%3Cli%3E Time your entry into the water. Wait for a set to pass first to avoid getting pounded and washed up onto the beach like a drowned rat - Tim
%3Cli%3E Don't clean surfboards with hot water as it damages the foam and makes yout board delaminate. Clean off the wax with a credit card or wax comb and wipe with white spirit - Phil
%3Cli%3E If you're buying a board bag for a 'fish' or wider nosed board make sure it fits. Take a tape measure with you to the shop as they'll fit in length but may not in width nearer the nose.
%3Cli%3E Surfing in Cardiff Bay is strictly prohibited! - Harbour Master
%3Cli%3E Always do some stretches before a surf, it'll keep you flexible in later years and prevent injuries that'll keep you out of the water - Adam Fitz
%3Cli%3E After a surf, deposit wetsuit straight into bin liner and allow to fester in boot of car until next time. Result = it's rotten within a year and no problem justifying purchase of a nice new stretchy one to the other half - Simon zz
%3Cli%3E Fed up of putting on wet wetsuits? Put it in your washing machine on spin cycle and 10 mins later it's almost dry. An hour in the airing cuboard and it's dry - Dodger100 dog
%3Cli%3E Off camping and own a longboard? Why not convert it into a state of the art dining area? Simply flip it over and place both ends on logs and voila! - Andy
%3Cli%3E Having trouble fitting your surfboard in the car? Lower the passenger seat right back and lay the board in - Ferg
%3Cli%3E For car keys buy an 'aquapac' key safe, its like a wallet that lies flat against your body under your wet suit. You can get them off the internet for about £15 but work a treat - Kath Bellamy
%3Cli%3E If you take off late on waves, angle down the face rather than going over the falls - Surf Guru
%3Cli%3E Duckdiving - I use my knee for the small stuff, one foot for the medium and both for big surf. When I use either one or two feet, I always spring off the tail and bring my knees right up into my chest - Walker Texas Ranger %3Cli%3E Duckdiving - I go straight to my foot, hunch up until I'm high enough to get my foot onto the tail then push through trying to angle to board upward so that I 'pop' out the other side. It seems to work fine, and on the bigger stuff seems to work better - Gwyn Mawr
%3Cli%3E Take your litter home to your bin! - Kirsty
%3Cli%3E Buying a board - If you're a beginner, I'd suggest something with plenty of float and easy to paddle and catch waves. Possibly a 7' 6" mini-mal - Steve D
%3Cli%3E If you are serious about getting into surfing and are not just a summer surfer then I would suggest getting a 2nd hand mini mal - Gazza D
%3Cli%3E Normally the reason why a leash wraps itself around one's foot is because its format is too circular. By this I mean that you probably wrap it around your board after a sesh. The best solution is too take it off and keep it as least "tense" as possible - Mastersurf

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