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16 October 2014
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These new notes accompany the Snapdragon radio series and include activities based around the themes of numeracy and literacy.

Teacher's Notes  (253kb)

The Songs

Five songs for you to print off and sing!

New Shoes
Big Dog, Little Dog
Sending a Letter
Squeaky Trolley All Different Sizes

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Notes and tips on the website


Snapdragon is the 3 to 6 year old in our lives, bringing with him all that a child of that age contributes to our daily existence.

Users have an opportunity to learn simple Welsh words and phrases with Snapdragon: numbers, colours, names of animals, etc.

How To Help The Children

The site has lots of games for children from about 3 to 6 years of age to enjoy. Children will be able to play the games on their own but adults/teachers will need to be at hand to help with reading information on the screen and printing out activity sheets. Sound out the words you see on screen to the children and count out aloud with them. Get to know your way around the site before introducing the children to it. Continually encourage and praise the children. 

The Games

The games have been designed to help young children to develop a range of fundamental skills ranging from numeracy, sound, letter and word recognition, to control of the mouse as hand-to-eye co-ordination is developed when they play the games. Children and adults will quickly learn Welsh as they play the games because Welsh words and phrases in addition to English ones are heard and seen on screen. Games are repetitive but become slightly more challenging as you move along. 

The games are:

WHO SAID THAT? – recognising animal sounds / matching

HOW MANY? - counting and recognising items / matching 

WHAT COLOUR? - recognising colours / counting and matching 

TELL THE TIME - use a clock and move the hands 


Other Activities

Colouring Pictures - This is a selection of simple line drawings of animals which Snapdragon is familiar with from his radio programmes. The idea is to encourage young people to print things out - making a connection between the computer screen and the printer. Then their colouring skills come into play.

The Gallery - This is something which will be used to display young people's artwork. This is whether it comes from colouring in the suggestions Snapdragon has made or young imaginations. The hope is that young people will be further encouraged to paint and draw when they see their own pictures in Snapdragon's Gallery.

Either scan your child's image and send it as an e-mail attachment to Snapdragon at or send it to:

New Media Education and Learning,
Ty Oldfield,
CF5 2YQ.

Also, feel free to e-mail or write to us with any suggestions that you, as parents and teachers, may have about Snapdragon.

Technical Notes

For the best results view the site in thousands or millions of colours with Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape Navigator 4. If you experience problems such as sound without graphics then the chances are that you have an out of date version of the Shockwave plugin for your browser. Visit to get the latest version.

Get the Flash plug-in free.

Please note that the designers have tried to make the downloading time as brief as possible so that adults and children alike do not get bored! Each game will partially download before play begins and data will continue to download as the game progresses. 

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