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16 October 2014

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They did WHAT? Welsh boundary-breakers from the past

Llywelyn-Jones the Switch
Llywelyn-Jones the Switch 1907 - 1997
Operation: Lightning
Mission: Electricity in gases

Morgan the Aerodynamics
Morgan the Aerodynamics 1912 - 1978
Operation: Wind tunnel
Mission: Aeronautics

Sir David the Weather
Sir David the Weather 1886 - 1965
Operation: Poison cloud
Mission: The weather

Thomas the Pigment
Thomas the Pigment 1886 - 1993
Operation: Turkey red
Mission: Plant dyes

Williams the Classic
Williams the Classic 1903 - 1945
Operation: Particle
Mission: Atomic event prediction

Williams the Drug test
Williams the Drug test 1909 - 1979
Operation: Foreign compound
Mission: Drug metabolism

Pennant the Zoologist
Pennant the Zoologist 1726 - 1788
Operation: Taxonomy
Mission: Detailed recording of species

Jenkins the System
Jenkins the System 1932 - 1982
Operation: Clockwork
Mission: Peak performance
Bowen the Radar
Bowen the Radar

1911 - 1991
Operation: Flightpath
Mission: Air ground detection

Geology Jones
Geology Jones 1878 - 1967
Operation: Cambria
Mission: Mapping Welsh geology

Glamorous Gwendolen
Glamorous Gwendolen 1906 - 1994
Operation: Parasite
Mission: Studying liverfluke

Griffiths the Test
Griffiths the Test 1851 - 1932
Operation: Control
Mission: Testing theory

Hughes the Mike
Hughes the Mike 1831 - 1900
Operation: Sound
Mission: Invent the microphone

Jones the Compound
Jones the Compound 1878 - 1912
Operation: Avalanche
Mission: Discovering compounds
Lewis the Heart
Lewis the Heart 1881 - 1945
Operation: Blood flow
Mission: The electrocardiograph

Where do Wales' great Scientists come from?


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