Louise Hazel

Louise Hazel

The International heptathlete and graduate in French Studies reveals her inspiration to succeed and inspire others.

Get started

I started training when I was 10-years-old at my local athletics club. My dad encouraged me to go and he was the driving force behind my athletics career. I got lots of support from my family and also from my school teachers.


Louise Victoria Hazel

6 October 1985

Southwark, London



  • Gold - Commonwealth Games, Delhi (2010)
  • 14th - World Championships, Berlin (2009)
  • Made her senior debut at the European Championships, Gothenburg (2006)

Inspire others

Sport has given me everything and my passion for sport goes above and beyond competing. I love to help and inspire young people. I have attended school sports awards to encourage students and give them the opportunity to let their parents know that they need as much support as they can as we go through to London 2012 and beyond. We want to breed the next generation of Olympians.

Dedicate yourself

If you train twice a day, six days a week and put yourself in a good environment, but more importantly have a good attitude and enjoy yourself, you can definitely become our next lot of Olympians.

Aim high

It's not the size that matters, it's the size and the passion of what you've got in your heart that really counts. Jessica Ennis and I are only 5'5'' and 5'7'' so good things can come in small packages!

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