Colin Jackson

Colin Jackson

Still can't get to the gym? Colin Jackson reveals more top tips on making exercise part of your lifestyle.

Too much on...

You can certainly have too much on, and it's alright to miss a few days exercise, but don't make that your lifetime excuse.

  • You can't be busy all the time. If you know you're going to be busy for a certain period of time then that's absolutely fine, but make sure you return and make exercise an important part of your lifestyle.

Too stressed...

Colin Jackson demonstrating step-ups

Sport is the biggest de-stresser out there and to me that's paramount.

  • Get out there and do some exercise for your mind, your body and your soul and believe me, you'll feel much better!

Just not up to it...

We've all heard this excuse and we've all used it. Don't worry because you're not on your own. Even the top athletes in the world will say "I'll start my diet tomorrow," or "I'll start speed work tomorrow." However, the reality is that they actually go out and do it.

  • Think about what you want to achieve, set that goal and keep that target in your mind. You can do it!

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