Dai Greene

Dai Greene

The World Champion 400m hurdler reveals his winning formula for success.

Raise Your Game: What is your winning formula?

Dai Greene: A lot of hard training and hard work. I've got a really good coach and a good support team and they've managed to get me in good shape so I'm looking forward to another good season.


David 'Dai' Greene

11 April 1986

Llanelli, Wales

400m, 400m hurdles


  • Gold - 400m hurdles, World Championships, Daegu (2011)
  • Gold - 400m hurdles, Commonwealth Games, Delhi (2010)
  • Gold - 400m hurdles, IAAF Continental Cup, Split (2010)
  • Gold - 400m hurdles, European Championships, Barcelona (2010)
  • Gold - 400m hurdles, Aviva UK Championships and European trials, Birmingham (2010)
  • Gold - 400m hurdles, SPAR European Team Championships, Norway (2010)
  • Gold - 400m, Welsh Championships and Commonwealth Games trials (2010)

RYG: How do you deal with that pressure to perform?

DG: For years I've wanted to be the best and I've wanted to be number one. Now that I've achieved that in the UK, Europe and the World Championships I don't want to shy away from that fact so I don't mind the pressure that comes with it. For years you want the spotlight on you so you can't complain when it comes.

RYG: A lot of young athletes look to you as their role model. How does that make you feel?

DG: I remember winning medals when I was 12-years-old and I never dreamed that I would be running as well as I am now.

RYG: What similarities are there between preparing for a competition and preparing for an exam?

DG: I don't get my head into books that much but there's plenty of focusing! I make sure that I eat right, keep hydrated and I make sure I go to bed at the right time.

RYG: What would be your message to anyone looking to follow in your footsteps?

DG: Work hard and look after your body as well as you can. Whatever you put into your system is what you'll get out of it so look after yourself.

Having not been successful in getting any recognition at any schoolboy or youth level, I just wanted to show people I could do it.

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