Kate Reed, runner

Kate Reed

"Go out there and make everyone proud of you" says the long distance runner.

Raise Your Game: What are your feelings after today's race here in Annecy?

Kate Reed: It was hard work and I wish it hadn't been quite so hot, but I really enjoyed it. It was really nice to have so many people cheering because it created a really fantastic atmosphere.

I wanted to run as well as I could because I was a reserve for Jo Pavey, who pulled out. People were hoping she was going to get maximum points for Great Britain, so I knew the pressure was on me a little bit and I didn't want to let anyone down.

RYG: How did you deal with the pressure?

KR: It was pretty hard but I think the crowd raises your game. Wearing the GB vest is a real honour too. You just want to go out there and make everybody proud of you, and do yourself proud. It's worth it, after putting in so much hard work during the week, to come here and to be made to feel special like this is wonderful. It's what it's all about for me.


Kate Reed

28 September 1982

Somerset, England



  • Silver - European Cup, Annecy (2008)

RYG: What has sport given you?

KR: It's my whole way of life. It's enabled me to travel around the world, something I'd never have had the money to do. It's also given me so much confidence. I was always really shy at school, and didn't have many friends, but I was really determined to prove that I could be somebody and sport has given me that.

RYG: You've got a lot of friends here today, the team were absolutely screaming for you.

KR: I know! I could hear them! I was so tired, but I thought 'I've got to keep going.' They carry you through and it's just wonderful. You don't often get that in other walks of life, so to come here and have that is brilliant.

RYG: The huge strength in this team around you must be incredible?

KR: It really is incredible. There are Olympic champions in this team and it's a real honour to be in the same team as them, let alone competing with them. What's fantastic is that everybody cheers for everyone else. I think it's the only time when every event comes together. You usually concentrate on your own event, but at an athletics event every point counts so you've got sprinters shouting for you and you're screaming for the jumpers and the throwers.

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