Ben Davies

Ben Davies. Copyright: Cardiff Devils

The Cardiff Devils forward reveals why he is aiming for his goals on and off the ice.

Raise Your Game: How did you first get involved in ice hockey?

Ben Davies: My parents brought me down to a public session, probably about 10 years ago, and I just started the skating lessons from there. I moved into a hockey team and just moved up the junior ranks. It was a great experience.

RYG: How did you manage your time between hockey and education?

BD: It was a little difficult with schoolwork, but I found it enjoyable. I was always moving and always doing something whether it was training or seeing my mates in school. It's been a good last two years.


Ben Davies

18 January 1991

Cardiff, Wales

Ice hockey



  • Cardiff Devils (2007 - 2010)

RYG: How important is it for you to have an active lifestyle?

BD: I enjoy it more than anything. I also get time to chill out in front of the telly or the computer, but I enjoy going to the gym and working out. I also stay fit by completing road runs and obviously I'm training with the Cardiff Devils a lot of the time.

RYG: Now you're playing in the national league, how do you handle the pressure of going from the lower leagues all the way up to the Cardiff Devils?

BD: It's wicked when you're playing in front of a lot of people, it helps to spur you on. I've always played in front of big crowds with the national teams so you get used to it. It's obviously a big step up and the hockey is a faster pace than I've played before. You just try and do the best you can. It's good fun!

RYG: What are the biggest highlights so far in your career?

BD: Playing with the senior team and scoring a couple of goals are moments I've cherished. I've played with the Great Britain team for a couple of years and I won a gold medal in March 2009 with the Great Britain Under 18 squad.

The World Championships are also good experiences as you don't get to do them every day. I love playing the league, it's good fun.

RYG: How important is it for you and the team to set goals throughout the season?

BD: If you don't have goals you won't have an aim. I've got goals, and the team's got goals, obviously to win some trophies this year. But it's goals such as playing well as a team and concentrating on where you want to get to that are also important.

RYG: How important is it to have the right attitude?

BD: Mentally you've got to be up for the challenge every training session and every game. You can't just think 'Well I've made the team,' and then start dropping off and stop going to the gym as much. You need to be constantly working hard.

RYG: Is good communication key to a successful team?

BD: Communication is really important. You've got to get on with everyone, share a laugh, but also remember to put a serious head on when needed.

RYG: For young people looking at you as a sporting role model, what would you say to encourage them to get involved in sport or ice hockey?

BD: Just get down to the rink and have a skate. If you enjoy it there's lots of teams to start with in the junior ranks. You've just got to get out there and start training and stay healthy.

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