Andrew Bishop, rugby player

Andrew Bishop. Copyright: Huw Evans Picture Agency

The Ospreys inside centre shares his goals for the future and discusses his motivation to succeed.

Raise Your Game: What motivates you to be a good player?

Andrew Bishop: It's something I've done all my life, and there are things I really want to achieve. I love playing rugby, and playing for Wales is amazing. That really motivates me.

RYG: What did it feel like the first time you put that Ospreys shirt on?

AB: It was about three years ago. We played against Borders down at the Gnoll in Neath. I was 18-years-old at the time and I got 'Man of the Match' for the game. Coming off the field, all the boys were tapping me on the back. It was amazing.

Even if I hadn't got 'Man of the Match,' it wouldn't have mattered. Just to play in that game meant a lot to me.

RYG: Who are your heroes?


Andrew Bishop

7 August 1985

Llantrisant, Wales

Rugby Union


1.83m / 6'

96kg / 15.1 stone



Previous teams:
Neath RFC
Bridgend RFC

Wales Under 21 Grand Slam

AB: I like Johnny Wilkinson. He's getting on a bit now, but I think he's the ultimate professional. I've always admired everything he's done. He's my inspiration.

RYG: How much preparation and training do you need to do to stay at the top of your game?

AB: Loads. We're here pretty much every day doing something, even if it's on computers doing a little bit of video work.

RYG: Describe today's session for me.

AB: We were in the gym at 9 o'clock doing full body weights. We had a bit of a break for food, and then we did a long, hard fitness session. I feel really good now we've finished it.

RYG: What's it like to be part of this team?

AB: I love being with the boys every day. When we work hard, everyone comes off tapping each other on the back, smiling and laughing. If you have a bit of an argument with someone during the session it doesn't matter because it's forgotten as soon as we finish.

RYG: Here in Wales we've got a real problem getting young people to participate in sport, how do we change that?

AB: I suppose if some of us went around schools and tried to motivate them that way it might help. We could take them for coaching sessions, and they could aspire to be like us. That would be good.

RYG: What are your goals for the future?

AB: My ultimate goal is to continue to play for Wales. Just to wear that red shirt is the ultimate for me. Obviously I want to do well with the Ospreys. I'd like to win a few trophies for them. We're doing well this year, and hopefully it'll carry on.

RYG: Which player inspires you here at the Ospreys?

AB: He's not the most skilful player but I'd say Filo Tiatia. A lot of the boys look up to him. He's a really modest guy. He's down to earth, but on the pitch he gives his all. He's the person I look up to the most.

RYG: Do you have any ambitions to play with your brother?

AB: I haven't played with my brother since school. He's been out for two years through injury. He's coming back now, and we'd both like to play together, especially for The Ospreys. Who knows, maybe we'll play together for Wales one day.

You have got to keep the self-belief that you're going to achieve that dream.

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