Dame Kelly Holmes

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The double Olympic gold medallist talks about her dream of getting more girls to excel at sport.

Girls you can do it!

I think that most role models come from a performance that's been seen on television or at an event. We want more girls to start performing and to be at the top of their game. We need to encourage young people to think that they can be that person on the television. I think we've had some fantastic female successes in sport across the board. If you look at cycling, swimming, sailing and badminton, we've had success in all those sports. When the Olympic Games come round they come to the forefront.


Kelly Holmes

19 April 1970

Pembury, Kent

800m & 1500m


  • Appointed as President of Commonwealth Games England (2009)
  • Made a dame in 2005
  • Two gold medals - Athens Olympic Games (2004)
  • Bronze medal - Sydney Olympic Games (2000)
  • World Championships, Commonwealth Championships, European Championships

What's disappointing is that those girls aren't then kept in the media as role models. I think it would be really good if the media brought these people to the forefront and talked to them a lot more. They should be asked about their careers and their experiences, so they can act as role models.

I'm in the public eye a lot. I try to inspire others to achieve what I have and to pass on my experiences, but there are more people that can do that. With every success we have at a World Championships and Olympic Games new role models are created.

Sport gives you life skills

Sport raises confidence and self-esteem. Sport teaches you the value of eating balanced meals and doing exercise. You look good and it teaches you discipline. It teaches you the value of teamwork and you get a lot of camaraderie by working as part of a team.

Sport teaches you lots of life skills that you need. Life is competitive and you can get that competitive edge by taking part in sport.

Future heroes

To be the next Kelly Holmes you need to be disciplined and determined. You need to be focused and have self belief. You need a commitment to be the best you can be and to never give up.

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