Tim Kennaugh

Tim Kennaugh

The rising star of junior road racing takes time out from the British National Road Race Championships 2009 to talk to Raise Your Game about his hopes for 2012.

Raise Your Game: How much dedication do you need to get to this level?

Tim Kennaugh: As a junior, it's nice to be good, but you still want to ensure that you have a balanced life, where you get to see your mates and that sort of thing. There are people who have been great Under 16s and junior cyclists who have cracked when they've turned 18-years-old and can start drinking alcohol. It's all about balance and doing it because you want to do it and because you enjoy it. If your mum and dad are paying for you to go away to train and race, then you've got to show a certain amount of commitment and put the yards in.


Tim Kennaugh

Isle of Man, Great Britain

28 Novermber 1991



  • Manx road club
  • Team Isle of Man
  • Junior Men endurance, Olympic Development Programme


  • Silver - European Junior Team Pursuit (2009)
  • Bronze - European Junior Points Race (2009)
  • Silver - British Junior Road Race Championship (2009)
  • Winner (Junior and Senior) Isle of Man Road Race Championship (2009)
  • Selected to ride for Great Britain at the European Road Race Championships in Italy (2008)
  • Selected for the British Talent Team (2007)

RYG: In terms of nutrition, what does a young cyclist need to be eating?

TK: Carbohydrates and protein. I love pasta so that's great. Anything Italian I love. Just fuelling yourself to make sure you're eating well, especially when you're growing. You don't want to be worrying too much about your weight because it takes a lot out of you.

RYG: How important is it to get the right amount of rest?

TK: Rest is very important. Get to bed early and don't end up staying up late. If you train after you've been out, then you tend to get ill and end up having to have a week off your bike, rather than taking a day off because you're tired.

RYG: How do you keep your cool during a race?

TK: I sometimes think that I race a bit too hard and maybe I should hold back a bit, but it's very difficult because I get so excited!

RYG: At this level how much of it comes down to talent and how much of it is down to having the right attitude?

TK: It's a bit of both really. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't have the right attitude, you're going to go nowhere. If you're Mr 100% and you're pretty talented, you'll do alright.

RYG: What are your plans for the future?

TK: I'm currently on the Olympic Development Programme for track cyclists and I'm training for the team pursuit event.

RYG: What advice would you give to young people looking to follow in your footsteps?

TK: Enjoy it! If you're not enjoying it, you're not going to do it. When you're doing four hour rides in the rain, you've got to like the rewards!

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