Tasha Danvers-Smith

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"Don't follow, take the lead," says 400m hurdles Olympic bronze medallist.

Raise your Game: How did the race go?

Tasha Danvers Smith: I'm battling back from a few niggles that have got in the way of my preparation, but when you go into a Championship you have to forget about all of that. Today I was just not race sharp for an event like this, but I have still got my eyes on the big show - the Olympics. I have no doubts about how I will perform there.

RYG: What keeps you so upbeat all the time?


Natasha Danvers-Smith

19 September 1977


400m hurdles


  • 2008 Beijing Olympics - bronze medallist
  • 2007 European Cup - winner
  • 2006 Commonwealth silver medallist
  • 2006 European Cup - winner

TDS: I was talking to someone about this on the train. They asked me "Why are you so happy all the time?" I replied that it's because it's a choice. It's a choice to see something in a negative or a positive way.

If I came last today I could go away and be down for two days, but it wouldn't help me, so I have to look at the positives and put it in perspective. Considering where I am, what I have come from, and the preparation I have done up to now, it was a good performance. I choose the positive because the more positive I give out, the more positive I take out.

RYG: What are your future goals?

TDS: I am just going to keep continuing my rehab programmes with the medical staff, because before leaving Los Angeles I couldn't run at all. That's an athlete's worst nightmare. So they've got me back running, as you can see. You have to start somewhere.

Now the Amateur Athletics Association (AAA) championships is the next goal, and of course it's Olympic year. Even though I went and fell over here in Annecy, my eyes do not lose focus of the bigger plan.

RYG: What would you say to young people who want to follow in your footsteps?

TDS: Get your spikes on and let's go. There's no time like the present. Don't follow, take the lead. Enjoy it and you will go places.

if you go into something with a great open attitude, you're going to be much more lucky in life.

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