Hannah England

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"Push yourself and have determination," says the middle distance runner.

Raise Your Game: Good female role models like yourself are very important. What would you say to encourage more young women into athletics?


Hannah England

6 March 1987


800 metres, 1500 metres


  • Second - 1500m, World Championships, Daegu (2011)
  • Fourth - 800m, Fourth - 1500m, SPAR European Team Championships, Leiria (2009)
  • Seventh - 1500m, European Athletics Indoor Championships, Torino (2009)
  • Second - 1500m, Aviva UK Indoor Championships, Sheffield (2009)

Hannah England: I'd say that the hardest thing about something like athletics is that it looks boring and like hard work, but girls I know that have applied themselves at any level find it is actually a really fun sport. I think people underestimate that. I'd say have a go! Buy yourself a pair of trainers and get out and run and you might surprise yourself.

RYG: What has sport given you?

HE: It's given me loads of friendships and a really good time. I'm lucky enough that I've done so well at it that I get to travel and see different places, but even before you get to that level I think it gives you just a general sense of well-being, self pride and satisfaction.

RYG: What are the skills that sport, or in particular athletics, can teach young people?

HE: I think any sport can teach young people to consistently apply themselves, to be able to push yourself and have determination. Also just to feel good about yourself.

RYG: If you could give one message to young girls looking to get into sport, what would that message be?

HE: Do whatever makes you happy. Try everything and just get the most out of yourself in whatever you do, whether it's sports, athletics, academics or anything! Just get the most out of yourself!

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