National fitness director, WRU

Huw Wiltshire

Huw Wiltshire is excited for the future of Welsh rugby and the high performance fitness coaches who are being developed.

Raise Your Game: Why this job?

HW: The role of National Fitness Director at the Welsh Rugby Union was a new post in 2005, when I was appointed, so it's a great opportunity for me to work on producing as many high performance fitness coaches as I can for the benefit of Welsh rugby.

RYG: How did you get this job?

HW: I applied with no expectation of getting it! In a way, that sometimes works in your favour as you can be relaxed and be yourself. If you prepare thoroughly for every interview, it shows you are a worthy candidate. The interview was a great learning experience - imagine being interviewed overlooking the Millennium Stadium pitch!

RYG: Skills for this job?

HW: You have to have good communication skills and you've got to get on with people. A good sense of humour always helps! I've come from an education background so organisational and planning skills have been an essential part of my job and they are crucial here. One thing is you have to be prepared to question things and accept questions from others.

RYG: Highlights?

HW: Getting the job was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Looking to the challenges of the future and planning for that is a highlight of the role for me.

Seeing the team beat Australia was special. Also, I was personally involved with the Under 19 team who won the Grand Slam in 2006 and that was a great highlight.

RYG: Lowlights?

HW: Lack of a Mercedes...!

RYG: Advice to youngsters?

  • Always do the job for the right reason - in this case because you love the sport and you love fitness, not because you want to wear the kit!

  • Work hard to get the right knowledge and go to the right people to get it.

  • Speak to people who have achieved whether it's players, coaches or teachers.

  • Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do.

  • Learn to relish the unexpected.

Failing can be great because you learn about yourself. It makes you feel alive when you achieve things.

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