What makes a good CV?

A notepad

Liz Plenty from Careers Wales shares her tips for writing a CV that will get you noticed - for the right reasons!

A good CV can put you in the running for that job you're after. Some basic rules of CV writing are:

  • Keep your CV to a maximum of 2 sides of A4 paper;
  • Use one font for your CV; use the bold style for headings and the regular style for the text of the CV;
  • Write your CV in a logical order; start with your most recent experiences first;
  • Make sure your spelling is correct; ask someone if you are not sure.

These are the facts to have on hand to write your CV:

  • Personal Details
  • Education
  • Employment/Work Experience
  • Interests/Achievements

Now that you know the rules and have gathered your facts together, you should be ready to play the CV game. Have a look at these examples of a Poor CV (PDF) and a Good CV (PDF) and see if you can identify what's right and wrong with them before reading the notes in the outside columns. Then use what you've learnt to write a CV that will score the most points with a potential employer.

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