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Nik Diaper

Talent ID Scientist EIS

Nik Diaper says "It's very satisfying to be working alongside athletes and their coaches to push the barriers of human performance."

Jeni Pearce. Copyright: EIS

The Head of Performance Nutrition EIS

Jeni Pearce explains the benefits of Olympic holding camps and how she prepares athletes for world class events.

Alison Macpherson

Research and Innovations Officer UK Sport

Alison Macpherson explains why research is key to helping British athletes succeed in London 2012 and beyond.

Rugby ball and goal

The Royal Navy rugby team

The Royal Navy rugby team reveal their tactics and discuss their determination to win after securing a glorious and long-awaited victory in the Inter Services Championship 2010 at Twickenham.

Rugby ball and leg

The Royal Navy rugby team

Victory through determination - the Royal Navy rugby team discusses the tactics and mentality that finally allowed them to reclaim the Inter Services Championship title in 2010.

Dave Pascoe

Petty Officer Dave Pascoe

Leading the underdogs is never an easy challenge. Petty Officer Dave Pascoe discusses the triumphs and tribulations of leading the Royal Navy rugby team to victory in the Inter Services Championship 2010.

Rob Holt

Chief Executive Ryder Cup Wales 2010

With all eyes on Newport, Raise Your Game talks to the Chief Executive of Ryder Cup Wales 2010, Rob Holt, about inspiring a new generation of golf stars.

Natalie Dunman

Talent ID Scientist

Natalie Dunman explains the process behind finding Britain's future Olympic and Paralympic champions and believes "There is a place for everybody in sport."

A scuba diver

Scuba diving instructor

The London School of Diving's Colin Macandrias explains the benefits of exercising and recovering in water.

Paul Rankin

Celebrity chef

Michelin-star winning chef Paul Rankin talks to Colin Jackson about why he believes "You can have the ability, but without the work, passion and the commitment, you won't really get there."

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Never give up, always be prepared to learn and, more importantly, always be prepared to listen.

Gareth Edwards

Welsh rugby legend

Media zone

Pierre Dulaine

Video clips

Check out the video with the famous dance instructor Pierre Dulaine.

Training ground

Colin Jackson

Work hard

Colin Jackson reveals more top tips on making exercise part of your lifestyle.

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