Banks, beds and consortia.

Nick Servini and guests discuss the latest issues in the business world in Wales.

Last updated: 28 June 2012

Wales at Work, Thursday June 28th, 7pm.

Barclays bank have been fined £290 million for manipulating interest rate figures at which the banks lend to each other. The bank's shares plummeted by just over 15 per cent today and there were calls for it's boss to resign. We find out from a global finance expert what happened and what it means for the future of the sector.

With the Olympics just a month away, we examine how and if Welsh businesses can profit from the biggest sporting show on earth coming to our shores.

Our business of the week is Rhino Doors, one of just a few Welsh companies to win a contract connected to the Olympics.

Nick Servini has visited the Treforest factory where some of the world's most expensive beds are made.

And how can companies working together help them to grow? We discuss consortia.

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