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Last updated: 03 July 2012

This week, as the London 2012 Olympics approaches, Adam Walton visits Bangor University's Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance (IPEP) to discover the research that can help give top athletes the edge in high pressure sports events.

Broadcast Tuesday 3rd July at 7pm

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Athlete on starting blocks

As co-director Dr Tim Woodman explains, Bangor's IPEP is highly regarded in the world of sports psychology with a range of specialties that aim to help both individual athletes as well as teams excel in their chosen field. One area which can trip up even those at the top of their profession, is the "ironic error" - where under pressure, there is a tendancy to commit the one mistake they are trying to avoid.

Lecturer Dr Ross Roberts discusses the role that an individual's personality can play in sporting performance, including those with narcissistic tendencides.

Adam also meets lecturer and IPEP co-director Calum Arthur who works with sports coaches and the military, particularly infantry, devising strategies to improve performance and team work.

Sport psychology lecturer Stuart Beattie chats about how some of the techniques that are used for elite athletes could be adapted for all of us to improve our attitude to daily life.

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