Dr. Ben Goldacre

Last updated: 02 August 2011

This week's guest is writer Dr. Ben Goldacre, scourge of pseudoscience and medical quackery. He's in conversation with Adam at an event recorded in front of an audience at the 2011 Wrexham Science Festival.

Adam Walton & Ben Goldacre

Ben Goldacre is a medical doctor whose weekly Bad Science column in the Guardian newspaper specialises in exposing spurious scientific claims and debunking medical quackery. Over the years he's cast a critical eye over the pharmaceutical industry, homeopathy, lifestyle nutritionists, media coverage of science stories and the perception that pills are the answer to complex social problems. His mission is to create better public understanding of how proper, evidence-based science actually works.

Ben Goldacre joins Adam in front of an audience at the 2011 Wrexham Science Festival for a wide-ranging conversation about dodgy journalism, alternative therapies, the placebo effect and his legal battle with Matthias Rath, the doctor and entrepreneur who was involved in promoting vitamin pills as an alternative to antiretrovrial drugs in treating South Africa's AIDS epidemic.


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