26th May 2010

Last updated: 26 May 2010

The coolest thing...

The Herschel infrared space observatory was launched just over a year ago and now it's beginning to send back some fascinating information. Regular contributor Dr Edward Gomez, from Cardiff University and the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network, returns to the programme to give a progress report. - and explain why this telescope is so cool.

Confusing headlines...

According to the media the world appears to be largely divided into thinkgs which cause cancer and those which prevent it. The confusion leads to inaction when clearly positive steps can be taken to protect our health. Presenter Adam Walton talks to former journalist Richard Evans and Dr Thomas Caspari, reader in Cancer Biology at Bangor University, about what can be done to get a clearer message across.

Star man

Can the human race survive to the end of the century or will overpopulation, food shortages and global warming spell our a doom? That's the stark question that the President of the Royal Society Sir Martin Rees put to his audience recently during the Reith Lecture in Cardiff. He talks here to Science Cafe reporter Jeremy Grange.

Carbon capture

Adam learns more about a brand new research facility- the Wolfson Carbon Capture Laboratory - at Bangor University. Part of it's work will be to investigate ways of fighting climate change and preventing greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, from entering the atmosphere by locking them up in wetlands.

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