Last updated: 09 May 2010

This week Adam talks to experts about the environmental effects of oil spills following the collapse of a rig in the Gulf of Mexico. And as hayfever season gets under way we hear from a pollen expert and someone who studies fossilised pollen.

Life after oil...

Those pictures of oil-fouled birds and beaches covered in thick black ooze are always emotive. But is it possible that the natural environment is more resilient than we might think? As efforts continue to bring the spill in Lousiana under control, environment experts tell Adam that marine life can recover over time.

Hankies out...

Yes, the hayfever season is here making life a misery for some of us. Adam asks an expert how something as small and innocuous as pollen can have such a major effect on the human body. And we hear to from a palynoligist who studies fossilised pollen.

Sun burst...

We'll be discovering what happens when the surface fo the sun erupts and throws billions of tonnes of material at our planet at the speed of several million kilometres an hour. It's called a coronal mass ejection - and it could be bad news for astronauts.

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