31st January 2010

Last updated: 29 January 2010

This week - technology takes the spotlight. We hear the latest research into the effects of social networking websites. There's news of developments in OLED technology in North Wales. We discuss the new Apple iPad. We also ask "how wide is the digital divide?"

Circle of friends

Widespread use of so-called "social networking" websites means that we can now have more friends than ever. That is the perception by many web users as they attach themselves to more and more online communities. It opens up seemingly unlimited opportunities to make contact with new "friends". The value and meaning of these online friendships has been the subject of research led by Robin Dunbar, professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, and, as Robin explains to Adam Walton, our brains have a very limited capacity for managing friendships, which links us to how communities bonded together thousands of years ago.

Lighting the way

New techniques being developed by a company in North Wales are paving the way for the widespread use of OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) in industrial and domestic lighting, and home cinema. Lomox based in St Asaph are developing new ideas which its claimed will overcome the problems which have previously held back this energy efficient technology.

Digital divide

Increasingly we are being asked to manage our lives online. Whether it be dealing with our bank accounts or paying our gas and electricity bills, more and more of us are sorting out our affairs online. This progress to more day-to-day technology doesn't suit everyone, and there is concern that society is being split between the tech-savvy and those who feel alienated by computers. Technology journalist Rhodri Marsden considers this digital divide

Apple's new baby

Jonny Evans from 9 to 5 Mac joins the programme to talk about the new iPad, recently unvieled by Apple. It's been described as in between a smart phone and a laptop

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