10th January 2010

Last updated: 08 January 2010

This week we hear the latest research into tinnitus. There's news of a science event in Swansea. We find out about "midfulness", and hear about the Royal Society's 350th anniversary.

Mindfulness and meditation

Adam Walton discusses the benefits that can be gained, according to recent research, by a "mindful" approach to meditation. Rebecca Crane, who is a clinical research fellow at Bangor University's Centre For Mindfulness Research & Practice explains the details, and how even a few minutes of focused calm in our lives each day can bring benefits.

Ringing in the ears

Dr Ralph Holme, who is director of biomedical research at the RNID explains recent research into tinnitus, the persistant ringing in the ears, which effects the lives of millions in the UK to some degree. Studies in Australia have looked at nerve signals from the ear to the brain, and studies in Germany have used music which has had certain frequencies filtered out. Both these approaches offer encouragement for future, more effective treatment of this distressing and sometimes debilitating condition.

Year of celebration

Adam chats to the president of the Royal Society Lord Martin Rees about how the society plans to celebrate its 350th anniversary this year. Described as the "UKs national academy of science", the Royal Society aims to promote, and encourage engagement in, all scientific disciplines.

Diet and behaviour

We preview the "science cafe" event at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea on Wednesday 27th January at 7:30pm. Professor David Benton will be talking about his research into how diet affects behaviour.


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