29th November 2009

Last updated: 27 November 2009

We hear about how technology is being used to create art in Penarth this week. We have a peek at Google's new operating system. We hear about how virtual communities are prospering at the end of the noughties, and we find out about the new Intel Reader.

Art and technology combine forces

Adam Walton meets Anne Siegel from ffotogallery, who talks about the "Vision On" series of events and workshops alongside creative art installations at the Turner House Gallery in Penarth near Cardiff, which include adaptations of the Wiimote and innovative use of LEDs inside floating "orbs".

Shiny Chrome?

Orestis Bastounis from Computeractive joins the programme to outline what to expect next year when Google launch their own operating system called "Chrome OS". The system will be launched on small netbook computers and feature web based applications.

Virtual life still thriving

Technology journalist Rhodri Marsden explores the virtual world of Second Life, and other virtual communities to see how they are faring as we approach the end of the noughties.

New reader

Adam chats to Rob Prince of Intel and Steve Tyler of the RNIB about the new Intel Reader, a portable device designed to help the blind and paritally sighted, those with dyslexia, and anyone who needs help reading text.


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