25th October 2009

Last updated: 25 October 2009

It seems that humans are not the only mammals which enjoy a quick game of 'footie' in their down-time, after bottlenose dolphins were spotted playing the beautiful game using jellyfish, off the coast of North Wales recently. Presenter Adam Walton, a keen football fan himself, asked the director of the Sea Watch Foundation, Dr Peter Evans, to explain this remarkable behaviour, which was captured on film. Was it their playful nature - or did the dolphins just have an issue with the 'ball'.

For the second year running women scientists have featured the Nobel Prize honours. Inspiration, surely, for girls considering a career in the sciences themselves. So why is there still such a yawning gap in the numbers of men and women opting to pursue that choice? Adam talks to Dr Haley Gomez, from the school of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University, and to Terry Marsh, from the campaign Women into Science, Engineering and Construction, about the gender issue in the classroom.

And we also hear more about a competition which is encouraging young people - of both sexes - into science. Katherine Matthieson of the National Science and Engineering Awards joins the programme to explain it's aims and some of the fantastic ideas of previous winners.

Finally, the cosmologist and science writer Marcus Chown returns to the programme to talk about his latest book We Need To Talk to Kelvin. It takes familiar observations from everyday life and uses them to explain some fundamental truths about the nature of our universe. Certainly something to chew on at break time if you don't fancy the football....

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