Science Cafe, Adam Walton

Series 5: Prog 07: 17/05/09

This week Adam Walton hears about research into how music can affect our perception of other people's happiness. We visit a North Wales centre for equestrian psychology. Also we hear from an infectious diseases expert about being prepared for a widespread flu outbreak, and there's news of some remarkable deep sea fish which have recently been filmed for the first time.

The power of music

Adam Walton chats to Dr Joydeep Bhattacharya who was recently part of the team that ran a study at Goldsmiths at the University of London which revealed that music has the power not only to make you happy, but also make you think that everyone around you is happy too. This power that music has over us also works at lightning speed, with changes in the brain being measured in milliseconds.

Preparing for future flu outbreaks

We're joined on the programme by Dr Andrew Freedman who is Head of Department, Infectious Diseases, Respitory Medicine & Gastroenterology at Cardiff University. He discusses plans to cope with a widespread outbreak of flu and the spread of infectious diseases.

Equestrian Psychology

A new discipline called equestrian psychology is applying scientific techniques to the study of horse and rider. One of the pioneers in teaching the subject here in Wales is Tamsin Young, programme leader for the foundation degree in equestrian psychology. Our reporter Jeremy Grange meets Tamsin at Glyndŵr University's Equine Unit at its Flintshire campus.

Deep sea creatures

Two recent expeditions to some of the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean by British and Japanese scientists have given us a visual record of some remarkable creatures for the first time. Snail fish were observed at over 7000 metres where there is no natural light, the temperature is only just above freezing, and where the pressure is enormous. Adam talks to Dr Alan Jamieson of the Oceanlab team at Aberdeen University. There's a link to some video of the fish at the bottom of this page.


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