Science Cafe, Adam Walton

Series 5: Prog 02: 05/04/09

Adam Walton presents your weekly guide to science.

This week Adam Walton hears about research linking mental and physical fatigue. There's a visit to Moonwatch, and news of a fossilised forest discovered near Wrexham.

Writing science

Last week the programme visited the Wrexham Science Festival, and we mentioned the science writing competition. Over 200 entries were received, and on this week's programme we meet the winner in the over 18s category, plus one the judges who explains how competitions like this can stimulate an interest in science in all ages.

Fossilised forest

Parts of a 350 million year old forest, which was unearthed near the site of the former Brymbo Steelworks, is now on display at the Wrexham Museum. "From Coal to Carnations, The Evolution of Plants" is open until 18th April, and geologist Jacqui Malpas joins us on the programme to discuss the exciting finds.


As part of the International Year of Astronomy this year, there was a chance this week to take a peek into the viewfinder of a large telescope on the roof of Cardiff University's Physics and Astronomy Department. Reporter Paul Morris went along for a close up look at the Moon.

Fatigue research

Recent trials carried out in Bangor have shown a link between mental - and physical fatigue. Exercise physiologists at the University's School of Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences carried out the trials with volunteers who were tested under different conditions. The results could point the way for further research to help those who suffer from chronic fatigue


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