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Series 4: Prog 11: 14/12/08

This week - a special science books edition of the programme.

Sunday 14th December at 5.03pm

Repeated Wednesday 17th December at 9:30pm

Books! Books! Books!

Adam Walton discusses books about science with his studio guests.

Mark Brake, Professor in Science Communication at the University Of Glamorgan picks:

Darwin Loves You by George Levine,
published by Princeton University Press.

Galileo: Antichrist - A Biography by Michael White
published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson (and in paperback next month by Phoenix Books)

Dr Diane Gray, a familiar voice on the programme, from Techniquest @ NEWI in Wrexham. Diane's book choices are:

Quirkology: The Curious Science Of Everyday Lives by Richard Wiseman
published in paperback by Pan Books.

Books in the "Horrible Science" series
published by Scholastic

Dr Edward Gomez who works at Cardiff University for Las Cumbras Observatory chooses:

Death From The Skies: These Are The Ways The World Will End by Philip Plait
published by Viking Books.

The Void by Frank Close
published by Oxford University Press.

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