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Series 3: Prog 06: 02/11/08

This week there's music, of sorts, in the air as we hear some sounds recorded by astronomers of stars, and also some chanting, and the science of controlled breathing, ahead of a new course in Cardiff.

Sunday 2nd November at 5.03pm

Repeated Wednesday 5th November at 9:30pm

The Power of breathing

A new course being run in the New Year at the Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning will offer a scientific take on chanting and breath control as a means of reducing daily stress in our lives. Adam talks to Dr Clive Wood, who'll be running the course, and hears some examples of chanting.

Music of the stars

There's more "music" in the Science Cafe this week as we hear from astronomer Tim O'Brien of Manchester University's Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. He explains how music from the Sun and other stars can be created and how this can help astronomers.

Keep it tasty...

A recent survey shows that while many of us would like to lose some weight, we are reluctant to compromise on taste. Adam discusses our love affair with tasty foods, and about the links between smell and taste with Professor Tim Jacob of Cardiff University's School Of Biosciences.

Do You Dream In Black & White?

A study carried out by a postgraduate psychology student at Dundee University has shown that there seems to be a link between how we see dreams, colour or black and white, and how much of our lives featured black and white TV and films. Ewa Murzyn explains her findings.


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