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Series 3: Prog 05: 26/10/08

This week, as the clocks go back we discuss our circadian rhythms. We also hear about the science of the weather, and a major project exploring near-death experiences.

Sunday 26th October at 5.03pm

Repeated Wednesday 29th October at 9:30pm

Body Clocks

As we put the clocks back to GMT, we discuss how our bodies react to changes in the seasons and to routine. Discussing the issue with Adam Walton is Dr Phil Tucker, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Swansea University, whose current research includes a survey of junior doctors working shifts.

Weather wise

The BBC are trialling a new verison of their weather website at the moment, and this gives us an excuse to talk about the weather, from a scientific perspective. Reporter Nan Pickering meets veteran weather recorder Len Walls in North East Wales, and hears from Derek Brockway about how meteorology has changed over the last twenty years. Adam also chats to forecaster Alex Deakin about the new website.

Near death experiences

A large scale study into near-death experiences has been launched in a joint venture between UK and US hospitals. Around 1500 survivors of heart attacks are to be surveyed to discover the range of reported out-of-body experiences and other phenomena which appear common in those that have had a brush with death. Dr Sam Parnia of Southampton University explains what they hope to learn from the study.


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