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Series 3: Prog 02: 05/10/08

This week Adam Walton gazes into space and also finds out about the amazing leaping froghopper.

Sunday 5th October at 5.03pm, repeated Wednesday 8th October at 9:30pm

A-level inspiration

A recent workshop called "Chemical Secrets" was held at Bangor University for A-level students across North Wales. Our reporter Nan Pickering went along for Science Cafe. Adam chats to Robyn Wheldon-Williams about the workshops.

Space Congress

Space has been making the headlines over the last couple of weeks, with China's first ever space walk, NASA reaching its 50th birthday, and reports of snow storms on Mars, and in Scotland there has been a gathering of many of the leading lights in the space business, at the International Astronautical Congress. The event has been hosted by the British Interplanetary Society, and their president John Harlow joins Adam in the Science Cafe. We also hear from Sir Martin Sweeting, professor of satellite engineering at Surrey University, who has ambitions to put a British satellite in orbit around the Moon, and has been testing equipment in South Wales

Turing Test

We have a preview of the 2008 Loebner Prize, which is to be held in Reading on 12th October, during which attempts will be made to pass the Turing Test. Wartime computer pioneer Alan Turing came up with the idea of a test to determine whether you were talking to a computer or a human. Cyberneticist Kevin Warwick outlines the test and the event on this week's programme.

Insect jumping champion

Think of a jumping insect and either a flea or a grasshopper may well come to mind, but the champion jumper is the Froghopper, which can leap over 100 times its bodylength. Two Cambridge scientists, Professor Malcolm Burrows and Dr Greg Sutton, have been studying the tiny Froghopper to discover how it manages to perform these huge leaps, and how its skill might be adapted and incorporated into technology


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