Science Cafe on BBC Radio Wales

Series 2: Prog 13: 29/06/08

This week Adam Walton gazes skywards in a space themed edition, as this series ends, ahead of the return of our technology show "mousemat".

Sunday 29th June at 5.03pm

repeated Wednesday 2nd July at 9:30pm

Tunguska 100 years on

A massive explosion above Siberia, wiping out 800 square miles of forest is still causing ripples in the science world. This rare event, now marking its 100th anniversary, has been the subject of much debate in astronomical circles. Adam discusses what happened with Cardiff astronomer Edward Gomez.

And as part of the Tunguska centenary Adam chats to Jay Tate of the Spaceguard Centre in Powys, which keeps a close eye on NEOs (Near Earth Objects)

Dark Energy

It's now ten years since the term "dark energy" was coined, as a way of explaining how the Universe seems to be expanding at an ever increasing rate. Hamish Johnston, web editor of Physics World joins Adam to chat about dark energy and how it differs from dark matter.

Life On Mars?

Our reporter Paul Morris visits Techniquest at Cardiff Bay and hears about their latest show which tells the story of the Red Planet and how ice has recently been confirmed on the surface of the planet.

Astrobiology - Life in the Universe?

Professor Mark Brake discusses this week's conference being held in Cardiff by the Astrobiology Society of Britain. The theme of the conference is The Living Universe, and Mark explains how several different disciplines come together to share views on the latest reseach into extraterrestrial life including what may be found on Mars and beyond the solar system in so-called Exoplanets.


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