Series 2: Prog 3: 20/04/08

This week discussing the public's attitude towards science, gazing skyward for new planets, and trying to extract iron from cornflakes.

What has science ever done for us..?

A major survey of the UK public's attitude towards science and scientists was published recently, offering a snapshot of people's concerns and aspirations for science in the future, and discovering how we engage with science. Adam speaks to Professor Alan Thorpe who is Science in Society Champion for Research Councils UK and Jim Al-Khalili who is Professor of Public Engagement in Science based at the University of Surrey. Reporter Nan Pickering visits NEWI to discuss science teaching, and gauges opinion on the streets of Wrexham.

"Super Wasp" helps search for planets

The search for planets outside our solar system has moved up a gear in recent months with the discovery of many new of these "exoplanets", aided by new techniques including "SuperWasp", which iconsists of two robotic observatories each with eight wide-angle cameras. Cardiff based Edward Gomez, who is Education Operations Manager for Las Cumbres Observatory discusses the findings.

Turtle Power

The next Science Cafe event is at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea on the evening of 30th April. Professor Graeme Hays will be talking about the changing habitat of the Leatherback turtle, which is spotted in Welsh waters each year. We have a preview on this week's programme.

Breakfast may never be the same

In this week's shot of Espresso Science we discover how to detect iron in fortified cornflakes. Adam visits Techniquest at NEWI in Wrexham.

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