Series 2: Prog 2: 13/04/08

This week we're all about the three A's - Archaeology, Accelerators and Allergies. Plus another shot of 'Espresso Science'.

The Big Dig

The BBC Timewatch team have been keeping a close watch over the dig at Stonehenge - the first one within the famous stones for over forty years. Of particular interest are the Welsh bluestones, which Pembrokeshire archaeologist Geoff Wainwright discusses on the Science Cafe this week. We hear how the science of archaeology has changed dramatically over recent decades.

The Big Accelerator

Last week thousands of visitors to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, got a chance to see the huge particle accelerator before it begins final preparations for switch-on later this year. The LHC, which is 27km across, is expected to answer some of the fundamental questions about matter and the origin of the universe. Dr David Evans of Birmingham University, one of the team working on the LHC, joins us to discuss this massive project.

The Big Irritation

Millions of us suffer from an allergy. This time of year there is an increase in pollen from trees, and soon, the hayfever season will begin as grass pollen levels rise. Joining us from UWIC in Cardiff is Professor Ken Jones who researches into allergies, and he explains various allergies, why we suffer from them and gives some advice to overcome them.

The Big Egg-speriment

This week's Espresso Science has a belated Easter theme with Adam joining Diane Gray from Techniquest at NEWI in Wrexham to run various "egg-speriments" (experiments with eggs!).

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