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Programme 2: 28th October 2007

Adam Walton examines the science behind the headlines and reveals the latest scientific research in Wales

Sunday 28th October at 5.03pm

Obesity Epidemic

This week Adam looks at the science behind the latest warnings of an epidemic of obesity. Last week the government's Chief Scientific Adviser Sir David King warned that by the year 2050 more than half of the UK's adults and a quarter of children would be dangerously overweight. Adam talks to Prof. Rhys Williams of the Swansea University School of Medicine about his research on childhood obesity and the causes of the epidemic.

The Great Arctic Melt

This year is International Polar Year, a major scientific programme focusing on the Arctic and Antarctic. This focus is particularly timely given the news that on September 16th this year the Arctic ice had shrunk to the smallest area ever recorded. Oceanographer Phil Wiles from the University of Bangor has been on a survey ship for the last few weeks and Adam talks to him and his colleague Tom Rippeth about their work on the role of the ocean in the Great Arctic Melt.

Escape to the Mountains

Reporter Jeremy Grange is also at the University of Bangor to meet two sports psychologists who are looking at the reasons why people get involved in dangerous sports. Lew Hardy and Tim Woodman are investigating the theory that mountaineers, ocean rowers and round-the-world sailors are driven by a difficulty in handling the rocky terrain of personal relationships!

There Goes the Science Bit...

Advertisers and companies often make scientific claims to sell their products, particularly health foods and cosmetics. But how many of these claims are actually based on solid science? In There Goes the Science Bit, a report just published by the charity Sense About Science, young scientists have been challenging advertisers claims. Adam talks to Frank Swain who edited the report and Neil Young, a chemist from Cardiff University who put a supermarket's claims to the test.

Espresso Science

Every week at the Science Cafe we'll be having a shot of Espresso Science courtesy of the Techniquest @ NEWI Science Discovery Centre. This week, since Halloween is approaching, Adam meets John Griffith from the Centre for a bit of 'spooky science' involving a steel tube and a blowtorch!

Espresso Science - listen to the first shot online now


Sense About Science

International Polar Year


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