On Tuesday 15th June 2010, top Welsh chef Bryn Williams talked about strawberries and gave us his recipe for Strawberry Eton Mess.

Bryn Williams' Strawberry Eton Mess


100g Double Cream
2 Punnets of Strawberries
200g Crushed Meringues
50g Sugar
1 Lemon


Wash and cut all the strawberries into quarters, add the sugar and juice of the lemon and set aside until needed.

Whip the double cream until the texture thickens and can easily make soft peaks, add the crushed meringues and mix well.

Serve immediately so that the meringue does not disintegrate into the cream.

To Serve:

Plate up the Eton Mess by taking four martini glasses and adding a good spoonful of strawberries. Add the cream and meringue over the top, with a table spoon gently mix together and pour the reminding few strawberries and juice on top.

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