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  • Location: Craflwyn near Beddgelert
  • Distance: 2-3 miles
  • Description: A Snowdonia walk near Beddgelert complete with wild mountain goats.
  • Directions: OS Reference SH591482.

A climb up through woodlands and slopes for some truly spectacular views.


The National Trust are expecting this area to become very popular in the next few years, following a cash injection and a new development plan which will see study centres for school children and new, reclaimed paths for walkers and visitors.

The area is undergoing a massive amount of reclamation work as giant rhododendrons are cleared from the grounds.

Twm Elias, senior lecturer at Plas Tan-y-Bwlch, the Snowdonia residential study centre explained that the plant is a huge threat to the National Park as it's fast growing and aggressive, destroying other vegetation and poisoning the ground.

Hidden waterfalls

As the rhododendrons are being cleared, workers have discovered hidden man-made waterfalls on the old estate and old paths and are now restoring gardens long since lost to the undergrowth.

Their efforts will allow walkers to take in some fantastic sights and visit some extraordinary places.

Derek's walk took him past the site of ancient battles, human sacrifice and hill forts to lake with a dreadful secret.

It once held a monster that emerged from the dark waters to ravage the countryside and feast on the local maidens.

Derek evaded the beast however and his main memory of the walk was the tremendous downpour that dogged his footsteps for the length of his walk!

Mountain goats

Look out for the wild goats which range the area. Walls and fences are no hindrance to these agile jumpers.

The bucks have massive curved horns, but are quite harmless. The goats were once reared for their meat, milk and hair - the goat hair being used for making wigs in the 18th century.

Judges' wigs are still made of goat hair today - that's why a judge is sometimes referred to as "an old goat".

When sheep numbers were dramatically increased about 200 years ago people tried to get rid of the goats but they couldn't catch them all.

The present goats are descended from the original stock and have been living wild since that time.

They tend not to be popular amongst the residents of Beddgelert since they raid gardens and can be a nuisance when the village is competing in the 'Wales in Bloom' competition

This walk first appeared on Radio Wales, Weatherman Walking, series 1 in 2002.

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