Surfer at Tywyn beach by Darren Grady

A longboarder on a wave at Tywyn by Darren Grady.

Tywyn beach is a long sandy beach safe which attracts beginners as well as more experienced surfers when the surf is good.

Like Borth, there are wooden groynes along sections of this beach and it can be a popular spot for people launching jet-skis from in the summer.

The best surf is generally found to the north of the concrete slipway at the southern end of the promenade which has the added advantage of being directly opposite the toilets and chip shop.

The surf is best around 1-2 hours either side of high tide, depending on the height of the tide.

At high tide the waves tend to dump, at which point it is advisable to move down to the area known as 'the pipe', located near a large rock pile about 300 metres south of the slipway.

Clean waves at Tywyn

Image by Darren Grady

There is a very strong north to south rip here which can pull you off the best peaks and can make the paddle to or from the pipe hard going.

The area to the south is 'groyne free' though and can have good sand banks but you'll find the rip becomes stronger, the nearer you get to the estuary, so take care.

The beach is popular with surfers and canoeists and particularly favoured by longboarders who enjoy the nice long right handers after storms have blown through.

It's generally a quiet spot though and you can often find nice waves to yourself between the groynes, so take a walk if you're after some solitude.

There's a convenient campsite and a few takeaway shops nearby too, should you want to stay here for a while.

Article written by Martin Aaron with additional information supplied by Mike Greenwood.

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