Porth Ceiriad

Porth Ceiriad by Grumpy old surfer

A winter wave rolls through by surf photographer - 'Grumpy Old Surfer'.

A pristine beach surrounded by high cliffs with hollow barrels in winter.

Porth Ceiriad lies at the tip of the Llyn Peninsula, between Abersoch and Hell's Mouth and works best on a southerly swell.

Access to the beach is via a car park situated around 15-20 minutes walk away, across the fields and then down some fairly steep steps to the beach.

The beach on the dropping tide

Image by Martyn Croydon
Image by Martyn Croydon

It tends to work best in large winter storms when it produces steep, hollow barrels akin to Broadhaven South in Pembrokeshire, around mid to high tide.

Like Broadhaven, the waves hit the cliffs at the easterly end of the beach and refract off, forming perfect, barrelling wedges.

This spot is not suitable for beginners and best left to experienced surfers who can handle the powerful barrelling waves.

Unknown pulling into a nice barrel

Image by Grumpy Old Surfer
Image by Grumpy Old Surfer

Further along the beach are various sand bars and peaks ideal for learning on so take a wander down and pick your spot.

The cliffs at either end offer some protection from the wind as the tide pushes in but northerly winds are generally best.

If it's flat here during the summer months - try snorkelling or swimming. The visibility is excellent but keep an eye out for the flotilla of yachts and boats that regularly sail into the bay.

Article written by Martin Aaron

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